The Rottweiler breed was once used as a herding dog back in the Middle Ages. Lately, they have also been used as guard dogs, fighting dogs, and police hounds. They are a very intelligent type of dog that can learn quickly. They are skillful learners for many different types of training.

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Rottweilers are best active in an outdoor environment. They enjoy sporting activities and can excel in hunting, tracking, and play. They enjoy rough housing, but take precautions, as they may unintentionally cause harm. It's a better idea to just take them on hunting trips, or for a nice run.


Rottweiler dogs tend to remain rather healthy. Their bodies are made strong to endure physical as well as medical injuries and illnesses. You can still groom them, however, as they are average shedders and need grooming about once a week or two. Bathing should not be done regularly, as it kills off their natural oils.


Rottweilers tend to have a more serious nature. They have powerful physiques and strong minds. You must train them quickly in their early years to socialize well with other people and animals, as they can naturally be very anti-social and territorial. However, when trained well, they can make excellent family pets.


The Rottweiler breed of dog has a medium length coat and sheds a normal amount. Their coat is often coarse, but is not intended to be smooth. Their fur is always straight, and their coloring is always the same. They have black coats with brown markings. The markings can be the distinguishing factor.


Rottweilers can do amazingly well in a family environment, and can actually learn a lot from being around playful, but mature children. Even then, they should still be supervised, though they can be very loving, they are still very strong and big. If socialized, these dogs can also do very well with other large dogs.


Before training can really begin, the Rottweiler must be taught obedience. They are strong-willed, and will not listen unless taught young. After that, they are excellent learners. They are very smart and catch on quickly to different concepts. They will surpass expectations and perform with class, strength, and agility. These dogs are recommended for sports.