Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever originated in Britain in the 1800's by Lord Tweedmouth who wanted a loyal dog that was spirited and full of energy. This breed needed to have an affinity with water and love the hunt and retrieval of game. They are one of the smartest of dog breeds and have been used for everything from companion dogs to search and rescue and police work as well the world over.


The Golden Retriever requires a constant amount of exercise on a daily basis. They are extremely active and love playing fetch with their family members. They can live in apartments as long as they get constant walking and play sessions, but they much prefer the wide open spaces of a rural setting so they can run and hunt. They can do well with a medium sized fenced in yard as well.


The Golden Retriever requires constant grooming due to their long coat. Bathing should be done only when necessary but dry shampooing can be done on a regular basis. This breed has issues with cataracts, hip dysplasia, skin allergies, and obesity if over fed with little or no exercise. With regular exercise and the right amount of food the Golden Retriever will stay strong and agile for their entire life.


Being one of the world's most well-known breeds, the Golden Retriever makes an excellent family pet. They are well proportioned, agile, and extremely perceptive. Their hunting abilities are strong in the water as well as on land, which makes them one of the most used dogs in bird hunting.


The double coat of the Golden Retriever is both weather resistant and water repellent. The top coat can be straight or wavy and is firm to the touch, which gives it the resilient nature. The under coat is soft and dense to the touch, while their legs and tail have longer hairs that are feathered in nature. This breed is a heavy shedder, and coat coloring tends to be from cream to golden in nature, hence the name Golden Retriever.


This highly intelligent breed oozes love and companionship to their owners and family like no other breed. The Golden Retriever is above and beyond devoted to their families and will risk everything to make sure they are safe. Because of their caring nature, they shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time. If left alone for too long they will become highly destructive and mischievous. They will do well with other pets and with all children. In fact, there are no strangers when it comes to a Golden Retrievers point of view.


This is one of the easiest of breeds to train, and they excel in as therapy and service dogs. The Golden Retriever can perform any trick in the book and has been known as one of the best narcotic dog breeds around. They are extremely talented and intelligent and make great work dogs for any farm or ranch, or just regular family life as well.