One of the oldest breeds of dogs in America, the Chihuahua originated in Mexico and is thought to be descended from a larger breed that was highly regarded with Aztec royalty. This is the smallest of all breeds and, while their bone structure is very fine, they are still remarkably muscular dogs.


The Chihuahua makes an excellent apartment dog that can get its exercise with play sessions and toys. They love to go out with their masters to run and play in the yard or parks. You should use a harness with this breed as a leash can damage their small and delicate neck bones.


This breed requires a minimal amount of grooming, whether it is long haired or short. Long haired Chihuahuas will require regular brushing to remove tangles and short haired ones only require occasional brushing to remove dead hair. They should only be bathed once a month with mild soap and suffer from ear infections, so keep water out of their ears when bathing.


It’s hard to put down a generalized characterization of the Chihuahua breed as they are exceptionally individualistic. They are graceful, display human like expressions, and are overly energetic in nature. They also have the longest life span of any sized breed to date.


There are two types of coats for the Chihuahua the long coat is soft and can have a slight curve to it where the short is smooth and has a glossy appearance. They can come in a variety of colors and patterns with the blue colored Chihuahua being extremely rare.


Chihuahuas are an extremely loyal and devoted breed that will become attached to one or two people like nothing you have ever seen before. They are highly protective of their masters and show spirit and a bold fearlessness like no other breed. They are very gentle and affectionate with their family but wary of strangers. They do not get along with other pets or small children but are very sociable with other Chihuahuas.


Training a Chihuahua can be a difficult task and should not be left to an inexperienced dog owner. You will need to be patient and firm with positive reinforcement to train this breed. They will require extensive training for socialization early on to keep them under control around other animals.